when a bird’s tired enough to fly

Posted on Monday, 15 October

what will you do? when the problems in your life getting bigger and bigger. when someone you trust the most actually the one who did the worst things? when people outside always blame you for what the guilty one did? what will you do?

where will you be? when the place you love the most no longer be the best place? when  those people you always lean on suddenly be the one that always blame you? when people outside mock you like you’re just a piece of shit? where will you be?

what do you feel? when the last person you’re counting on is not even there for you?

when you don’t know what to do, what to say, how to solve, and what you can do is just….. writing this creepy post.

Who told you that version of me? Not me? Than that’s not right.

Posted on Wednesday, 12 September

aghnia chasya

I hate fake people. That’s why I alway tell people what I really am, what I really like, what I’ve ever done. I don’t care when people judge, because they will always do. And I will never tell a single lie about myself.
But when I dont tell & choose to keep some of my private life private, it just means that I don’t want it to be a snowball.

Posted on Friday, 22 June


Posted on Thursday, 5 January

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2012 -> Instead of making “to-do-lists”, I decide to make “what-I’ve-learned-today-lists”.

Posted on Thursday, 5 January

aghnia chasya